Artists 2016

A full list of the fantastic artists lined up for Maldon Art Trail 2016.

Coming slowly – Sorry it’s taking us longer than usual to put the information together. We are busy people and are currently a little stretched.  Please bear with us.

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1-natlalie-huntsman-bee Natalie Huntsman (Foxy)

Venue 1: The Queens Head

Spray painted art onto scrap, scrounged and scavenged wood.

 It could be you!

Venue : Brights Path

Draw your own portrait on a post it note.

Add some contact details to the reverse.

Add to our gallery to be in with a chance of winning a prize.

Lawrie Flood

Venue 2: Adam Greenwood


I am a local artist, from Tollesbury.

I love to capture atmosphere in my work.  I work in many mediums but mainly oils, inks and watercolours

Autumn Woodland

Malcolm Brown

Venue 18: Coes of Maldon

I see my images as pieces of unique photographic art.  Each image portraying changing moods and ideas, representing moments in time which, reflect the structure and diversity of environments both natural and man-made.

Debbie McIntee

Venue 7: The Emporium

What my art offers is space, a little breathing room for the soul.  Created from the heart my art brings a visualisation and connection to those I believe are always with us.


Steve Boutwell

Venue 24: Paul J King

I photograph the local places I love and the things that make this Town so special. I try to capture how lucky we are to have all this on our doorstep.



Paul Bailey

Venue 3: Maldon Fireplace Centre

I am a non traditional landscape artist, who uses bold compositions and an unusual palette of colours to portray the local landscape of the Dengie in a new and surprising way.

John Green

Venue 21: The Arthouse Cafe

I am a self-taught artist who enjoys creating composition that removes unnecessary detail to give my watercolours a feeling of simplicity.


Jo Farries

Venue 10: Black Cat Cafe

I am a self taught artist following my life long love of art. My inspirations come from colours of light, contrast using a variety of subjects and mediums.

Sophie Cooper

Venue 12: Greens

My painting started in mid life as an outlet for creativity.  I am aiming to produce images that are attractive and thought provoking.

Sue Hodgson

Venue 9: Heir Kutz

I am a local artist and have painted most of my life. I love to paint animals and give the humour also the wonderful countryside that surrounds me.

Krzysztof Otorowski

Venue 15: Essex Beds

Abstract or semi abstract painted mainly in acrylic. I’m inspired by shapes and colours in landscape.

Joyce Wells

Venue 16: Co-Operative Funeral Services

Maldon Hythe and waterside scenes inspire me in watercolour. I paint ‘en plein air’ throughout the year. I also paint colourful acrylics on canvas.


Ann Cuthbert

Venue 5: WG Ballentyne

My colourful paintings express my enjoyment of nature and changing seasons. They may appear to be purely decorative but they are intended to mark a time of endings and beginnings, the natural cycle of life.

Charlotte Moore

Venue 8: Tourist Information Centre

Inspired by the Beauty of Autumn” Capturing the vibrancy of Autumn colour my leaf pictures hold a moment of Autumn in a frame.


 Nabil Ali

Venue: Sculpture Trail, Museum of Power

I’m a creative practitioner who engages with materials found in Nature formulating abstract conceptual representations. I create visual dialogs within the artistic process forming in-depth explorations of the work.



 Trisha Poxon

Venue 11: Wenlocks 

I am always aiming to keep my paintings as loose as possible to convey the subject without divulging the detail.

4 T

Carole Gray

Venue 6: Reeves of Maldon

I am a designer and maker of contemporary architectural stained glass, specialising in
decorative techniques. I also teach.

Nicola Hughes

Venue 23: Lunar

I continue to be interested in many media, including felt, and particularly in scenes taken from my childhood in Djibouti or locally in East Anglia.

Michael Barter

Venue: Museum Of Power Langford

I am a wood carver, sculptor and artist based in Essex and I like to experiment with my environment.

Marilyn Andretti

Venue 22: Yours in Sport

I have a studio in my garden.  I use earthenware clay painted with bright underglaze colours and finished with sgraffito.  I use an electric kiln-fire to 1100c and have a cat for company..

Dave Taylor

Venue : HJ Pook/Saffron Insurance and Maldon Library

A former art teacher, living in Southend created this collection of sculptures made from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment  (WEE)


 Jane Rigby

Venue 26: Harry Green Barbers



Gina Parr

Venue 4: Hart and Hamm

A collection of thought provoking works that depict the river meeting the sea.

Peter Myers

Venue 4: Hart and Hamm

and Sculpture Trail, Museum Of Power Langford 

I get inspiration from the “OP” Art Movement (Bridget Riley) 3D illusion, reflection, shadows and light, sun reflecting through glass is an example.create meaningful art work containing a range of collected artefacts, both found and contrived.  Each has its own narrative, which is open to the interaction and interpretation of the viewer.

Angelique Hartigan

Venue 4: Hart and Hamm

My energetic and vibrant paintings with trademark explosions of colour and partial abstractions are a way for me to explore the images and places I am drawn to, the process of painting itself and my own personality. I am influenced by the process, weather, music, colour, angles, shadows, my travels, the place in which I live and the artist Peter Doig.


Kathy Fox

Venue 17: Martin James Opticians

Student of Nicola Hughes, experimenting with different materials.




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