Nicola Hughes

I continue to be interested in many media including felt, and particularly in scenes taken from my childhood in Djibouti or locally in East Anglia.

My work representing the coast of East Anglia has included many different textile media, including silk fibres, appliqué and embroidery, felt, gold work, plastics and paper, sometimes combined, depending on the most appropriate for the subject. The light and the openness of the landscape never fail to inspire me as well as the richness of the details, whether it’s life on polders or patterns of stones, wild grasses or shells.

however, I continue to develop my work on the Red Sea coast of Africa, in Djibouti, which I am back to as a total contrast. One of the driest places on earth, this inevitably gives rise to a completely contrasting landscape, where light and distances are distorted by heat and history disappears under the sand, and yet the strategic position of Djibouti and the particular nature of the Red Sea continue to support the arid landscape and the wonderful people there.


Please see my website or you felting in schools brochure (inside) or contact me at for information on tailor made classes in textiles for children and adults.

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