Steve Boutwell



I am passionate about photography and Maldon – so they go nicely hand in hand. I have lived in the town for many years and have seen many changes over the years. In recent times I have worked with the tourism team based at the Tourist Office to provide new and inspiring images for promotion of the area.

Boston Smack Telegraph at Dawn








I love nothing better to get up at the crack of dawn, when everyone else is fast asleep, to capture those busy places like Promenade Park, empty apart from the odd moorhen and swan. Likewise, those clear days when the lapping tide is crystal clear and the water becomes a mirror – reflecting all the maritime rigging and stunning colours from the Thames Barges. It is true that timing is everything and I love that 4am slot when everything starts to stir.

Mist on the River Blackwater at dawn








I hope you enjoy my photography and I hope it showcases everything that makes this town so special, to so many.

St Mary's Church and the Hythe Quay, Maldon